2018 Champion Crowned

2018 Champion Crowned

In the closest championship battle of the year in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, only seven points separated points leader Mason Prater from second-placed Brody Eggleston coming into the morning’s qualifying session.

Prater took the pole there, with Eggleston finishing second, which bumped Prater’s advantage to eight for the race itself, and at the end of lap one, Prater led the field, ahead of Eggleston, Bronsen Chiaramonte, Luke Knupp, and Trey Eggleston.

On lap two, horrible luck hit Prater, as he jumped wide right off of the last jump before turn two, and at high speed, ran the right side of his kart against the outside k-rail. It looked to be only a glancing blow, and Prater didn’t crash, or even change direction, but his kart then rolled to a stop after the impact, and Prater was towed off to the Hot Pits under a full course caution.

Brody Eggleston inherited the lead, and ran with his brother Trey in second, Chiaramonte in third, Mia Chapman in fourth, and Knupp in fifth after the restart lap. Up front, Brody had a solid lead by the end of lap three, while behind him, his brother was slow out of turn three on lap four, which allowed both Chiaramonte and Chapman to get by for second and third.

Behind all this, John Holtger had now moved by Knupp for fifth, but Holtger then spun in turn three on the next lap, which allowed Braden Chiaramonte to move up to fifth, just before the Competition Yellow, which fell at the end of the lap.

On the restart lap, Braden then biked in turn two, and got into Chapman, who then rolled. This, followed by a second, two-kart incident down in turn three, forced another full course yellow, and it was now Brody, Bronsen, Trey, Knupp, and Brook Jensen in the top five for the restart. Holtger got by Jensen for fifth early on the restart lap (lap seven), and on lap eight, Knupp got by Trey for third at turn two.

In the final few laps, Prater re-emerged, and was running amongst the frontrunners, but was many laps down, and actually made contact with Holtger on the final lap, who himself was racing for a top five finish.

Up front, Brody Eggleston scored both the win and the championship in the #514 Above All Construction Inc./Mod Kids USA machine – Congrats Brody! Second went to Bronsen Chiaramonte in the #574 kart, third to Knupp in the #554 truck, fourth to Trey Eggleston in the #590 Above All Construction Inc. entry, and fifth to Holtger in the #544 Holtger Bros., Inc./Renard’s Cheese & Deli kart.