DWT Racing Join Forces with Mod Kids USA

DWT Racing Join Forces with Mod Kids USA

Orlando, FL (March 9, 2018) – We’re excited to announce that DWT Racing® have agreed to a long term partnership with Mod Kids® USA; the off-road motorsports program that focuses on documenting an elite class of youngsters (aged 12-15 years old) that race ​modified k​​arts known as Mod Karts.

DWT Racing®: The Official Mod Kids® USA Wheel of Choice

DWT Racing was founded by Douglas Henline, who back in the day found limitations in the wheel technology. In his pursuit of performance, he devoted himself to designing and manufacturing a new breed of superior wheels. His passion, dedication and engineering skills led to the founding of Douglas Wheel in 1991. After almost two decades of innovation, industry leadership and a staggering number of championships in multiple forms of motor sports, DWT continues to lead the way in performance wheel technology.

“To have a company like DWT believe in what we’re doing; ‘shining the light on the kids‘ is welcomed with open arms,” said Sarah Howard of The Media Rocka Agency that owns the Mod Kids® brand. “Our teams truly believe these are best wheels out there for mod karts, so to be working with DWT is a privilege.”

Mod Kids USA produces 90-minute documentary-style movies that cover an entire race season. Mod Kids® 1 will be available via Amazon Prime Video in June.

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