Ricky Gutierrez led the way at the end of lap one, ahead of Koen Crawford, Cole Keatts, Mia Chapman, and points leader Trey Gibbs. Keatts got by Crawford between turns one and two to move up to second on lap two, while further back, Chapman ran straight on and well wide at turn two, dropping her to seventh; Gibbs and Brody Eggleston moved up to fourth and fifth as a result. Eggleston then passed Gibbs at turn four to grab fourth on lap three, before getting past Crawford and up to third into turn two with a very nice drive down the inside on lap four.

A full course caution then fell on that lap after Jojo Masek suffered a rollover in turn one, and once she was righted and able to continue, it would be Gutierrez, Keatts, Eggleston, Crawford, and Gibbs for the return to green flag racing. These five held their positions on laps four and five, as well as lap six, with Gibbs closing right in on Crawford in the battle for fourth on lap six. Gibbs then got alongside of Crawford out of turn one on lap seven, before making the pass inside at turn two to move into fourth. Eggleston then lost ground in the middle of lap seven, which allowed Gibbs to get by for third. At almost the same time, Chapman suffered a big crash while exiting turn four, and that brought out a full course yellow.

Under the Last Completed Lap rule, the running order was put back to what it had been at the end of the previous lap, meaning that it would be Gutierrez, Keatts, Eggleston, Crawford, and Gibbs in the top five for the return to green flag racing. On that restart lap, Gibbs was pushed wide as he exited turn two, dropping him to seventh, and moving Chris Nunes up to fifth. Gibbs got back up to sixth before the end of the lap, and when Eggleston then slowed briefly out of turn one on lap nine, Crawford, Nunes and Gibbs managed to get by and up to spots three, four, and five.

Nunes and Gibbs were all over Crawford on the final lap, and Gibbs managed to get past Nunes briefly late on the lap, but a bicycle in the final corner by Gibbs allowed Nunes to get back by. Up front, Gutierrez got the big win, his third of the season in the #578 machine, ahead of Keatts in the #553 Xtreme/Mod Kids USA kart, whose second place was enough to move him into the points lead with just one race remaining.

Nunes took third in the #502 RebelCore/MTRV8 entry, and Gibbs fourth. Worth a mention was Chapman coming all the way from the back after her crash to get sixth place.