Our Boy, Titus!

Our Boy, Titus!


Former action sports star Biker Sherlock lived loudly, but at the time of his suicide in 2015, he had become a different person — anxious, confused and despondent. Solving the mystery of why became imperative for his widow Amy to move on.

We have some cool photographers, although one is very special to us. His name is Titus Sherlock and he’s just 12 years old. He’s our little brother from another mother. His family has history and a story to tell. Titus’ father was Biker Sherlock, multiple X-Games Champion who sadly passed away on December 2, 2015.

Titus Michael Sherlock was born Oct. 13, 2004. His mother Amy named him after Hawaiian big-wave surfer Titus Kinimaka, a close friend of the theirs with whom they had spent many vacations in Kauai, their favorite home away from home. It was a big name, an important name, but it wasn’t Biker’s name. Amy didn’t want their son to feel he had to live up to Biker’s reputation.

Two years ago, Titus was racing trucks with his dad in the Lucas Oil Off Road Regional Series, but after Biker’s death, Amy pulled the plug on his racing program, too worried for her son’s brain. “He hated me for a couple weeks,” Amy says.

Then he found photography and video editing. We saw his videos on YouTube and hired him to shoot interviews at the Lucas Oil regional races, so he could remain involved in the sport. “I’m so proud of him,” Amy says. “He’s found his passion. Titus is a talented athlete, so he would have probably followed in Biker’s footsteps. Jujitsu is totally Steel’s (Titus’ younger bother) thing. It’s cool to see them find their own paths.”

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