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We’re extremely passionate about this project and sport that we’re documenting, although being independent filmmakers isn’t easy.

Creating a project at this high level takes a lot of planning, 100% belief in the project and a lot of money. Please click HERE to support our Kickstarter campaign.

We’re now at the stage where we really need YOUR backing to help complete the post production process which includes; editing, color grading, music license fees, sound design, artwork, graphics, and final editing passes to deliver a great story.

We believe in this project so much, we moved forward, with odds against us, we stayed hungry, worked to build a brand, and completed the filming process. So after 2 years of hard work, dust, and heat – we’re now at that very final stage!

Half way through the filming process we secured some support from race sponsors, but we were coming up short – so we decided to start our our own company – a radio control car company. It’s the perfect fit.

So over the last 7 months we’ve designed & built the coolest, most badass 1/10th scale brushless off-road truck on the planet. These R/C electric trucks destroy everything on the market place right now in this price range. And you can own one before anyone else and for way less than its retail price by supporting our film.

It’s taken a lot motivation to get where we are now, so we decided to call the R/C company MTRV8. Yes, it’s pronounced mo·tor·vate. It’s our little spin on a very cool word.

We’re very thankful to be working with all these great families. As filmmakers it’s our goal to finish what we started and get this amazing sport of MOD KART RACING out to the masses.

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Thank you. The Madhatterz production crew.