Radio-Control startup MTRV8 (pronounced Motor-Vate) is excited to announce its first feature film, Mod Kids USA, and its subsequent Kickstarter project.

Mod Kids USA features seven children (aged 12-15 years old) as its stars as they compete in the 2016 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS) in the “Mod Kart” category.

The Modified Kart category features young girls and boys racing in small, off-road trucks powered by 450cc Yamaha engines with sequential transmissions. These miniature, tube-framed off-road machines are capable of reaching 90mph, making the action just as thrilling as the senior categories.

Mud flies in the film as these skilled juniors effortlessly drift corners, launch from jumps, and occasionally somersault end-over-end in their quest of becoming the next champion.

“These kids are learning tremendous skills for what it takes to go fast,” said Kyle DeLuc, the current LOORRS Pro4 Champion. “And they do it at speed in tiny cars that shouldn’t technically be possible! But they’re getting it done and they do it with style. Of course, they occasionally crash horribly, or take each other out. But this is full-blown, off-road racing at its finest!”

Everything you’d expect from a racing film is here – high-speed action, big crashes, politics, relationships, competitive door-to-door racing, and driver rivalries. And, of course, no junior competition is complete without a dose of parent rivalry – Little League has nothing on these Mom and Dads!

The thrilling 90-minute documentary-style movie is mostly complete, but the finishing touches require additional funding. As a result, MTRV8 has initiated a Kickstarter project to raise awareness for the movie and secure the funds to ensure this movie gets the treatment it deserves.

A variety of rewards are available to backers who pledge funds to the Kickstarter campaign, including digital downloads (for pledges starting from $25). However, the most exciting reward is the opportunity to secure a MTRV8 R/C Truck at an unbelievably low price before its official release.

The MTRV8 R/C Truck is 1/10th scale and features an aluminum chassis, functional four-wheel drive, steady ball-head suspension with aluminum shock towers and oil-filled, adjustable, aluminum shocks, a brushless motor, adjustable motor mount, plus gear differentials with high-performance oil.

The result is a durable and incredibly capable R/C Truck that would typically retail between $600-700.

The Mod Kids USA Kickstarter project is offering the R/C for only $279 as an early-bird reward (limited to 25 backers) or $299 (limited to 50 backers). For $325, supporters will receive the R/C Truck featuring the paint scheme of their favorite Mod Kart racer’s truck, as well as a photo and print signed by that driver.

The Kickstarter project is currently 50% funded and ends on Saturday, August 12, 2017. The team is hoping to raise the funds to complete the movie in this time.

“This is a story that needed to be told,” said producer Chris James. “These kids are incredibly talented and deserve a larger fan base and sponsorship. I’m confident this film will turn many onto this action-packed series. Plus, the fact the MTRV8 R/C Truck will be available at such a low pledge price on our Kickstarter fund should be a no-brainer for off-road enthusiasts.”

For more information about the Kickstarter project, visit:
Mod Kids USA – Kickstarter Campaign

The new MTRV8 design rewrites the radio control rulebook. Founded by champions of extreme sport, MTRV8 is primed to take the radio-control market by storm with the launch of its first R/C Truck in 2017. In addition to designing and manufacturing radio-controlled vehicles, MTRV8 plans to continue producing movies that tell stories not commonly told in the world of extreme sports.