Utah – Round 8

Utah – Round 8

The opening lap of this afternoon’s Modified Kart race was a scary one, as Connor Barry went for a wild rollover in turn one, which, despite how it may have looked initially, seemed to have been mostly self-induced. As drivers scrambled to miss Barry, Barry and five other drivers would wind up in a six-kart pile-up, forcing a complete restart of the race. All drivers involved were alright, though Barry’s kart was unable to make the restart. On the second go around, points leader Mason Prater led the way, ahead of Bronsen Chiaramonte, Brody Eggleston, Trey Eggleston, and Luke Knupp. Brody Eggleston got by Chiaramonte and up to second early on lap three, before slowly getting past Prater for the lead down the inside through turns one and two on the next lap. Prater got back past in turn four, but it was a rough pass, and with both drivers having already been warned about rough driving, Prater was given the black flag. The Competition Yellow flew at the end of the next lap, and as the field stacked back up, it was to be Brody Eggleston, Chiaramonte, Trey Eggleston, John Holtger, and Knupp in the top five for the return to green flag racing.

Lorenzo Bonacci was sent for a big rollover after clipping the inside burm in turn one on the restart, which forced a full course caution, and under yellow, Knupp was sent to the back of the field for rough driving, as he had somewhat forced Bonacci, via contact seconds before, down to the burm that he wound up hitting. Brook Jensen would move up to fifth for the restart, and on that restart lap, there would be another full course caution, as Karaston ‘DOODLE’ Hernandez had come to a stop in turn five.

On the restart lap, Jensen then rolled hard between turns one and two, which forced yet another full course caution, and as the time limit for this race was now being reached, officials began talks of cutting the race short. However, just as the green flag waved again, officials decided to let the race go the distance, and low and behold, Prater was now back up to fifth for the restart.

Prater got past Holtger out of turn one on the restart lap, before then passing Trey Eggleston at turn three to move up to third. Ricky Gutierrez and Holtger then both passed Trey Eggleston before the end of that lap to move up to fourth and fifth, and on the next lap, disaster struck for Prater, as he biked and then spun in turn three, before stalling, which forced another full course caution on the next lap. It looked like Prater was trying to get a yellow thrown so as not to go down one lap, but Prater was unable to get
re-fired, and was towed off.

It’s been an extremely close points race between championship leader Prater and second-placed Brody Eggleston this season in Mods, with neither driver really having any kind of serious misstep this year; this was the first major blow to either driver. Brody Eggleston led the way, ahead of Chiaramonte, Holtger, Gutierrez, and Trey Eggleston for the restart, and on the final lap, Trey Eggleston got by Gutierrez to move up to fourth.

At the stripe, it was Brody Eggleston who picked up a very important win, as well as the points lead, in the #514 Above All Construction kart. Second was Chiaramonte #574, with Holtger third in the #544 HBI machine, Trey Eggleston fourth in the #590 Solaris entry, and Gutierrez fifth in the #578 G Brothers/Lucas Oil machine.